Ovidiu Demetrescu, Hidro Tarnița SA – speaker at Energy Strategy Summit, Bușteni

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The map of energy production and consumption in Romania is changing, considers Ovidiu Demetrescu, General Manager Hidro Tarnița SA. “For ensuring energy security, we must anticipate today how the production sector will be for at least seven years from now, and foresee the next 20-30 years afterwards”, Ovidiu Demetrescu said for energynomics.ro, the organizer of the Energy Strategy Summit to be held in Bușteni (Prahova), on June 4, 2015. “We must identify Romania’s strategic interests, and should assume the leadership role in Romanian projects. Tarniţa hydropower plant is an investment in Romania’s energy security and a strategic objective for the backbone of the Romanian economy. By the time this project will be delivered, the power generation map of Romania will look very different than it does today. In an ever-changing energy context, energy security is the cornerstone for economic prosperity. We must anticipate today how the production sector will be for at least 30 years. Hydro Tarniţa project is the core for energy security as it provides storage and versatility so much needed  for an energy system in deep transformation”, Ovidiu Demetrescu also said.

Hydro Tarniţa project provides storage and versatility so much needed  for an energy system in deep transformation

The key objective of Energy Strategy Summit is to draw the essential lines for the future Romanian national energy strategy as they result from a wide consultation of the high level private and public stakeholders in the Romanian Energy Sector. An insightful conversation with key sector leaders and experts provides policymakers and investors with valuable information and a clear vision for decision makers. All contributions from the speakers will be officially delivered to the Government for taking them into consideration when drafting the national energy strategy.

Among the speakers there are Mihnea Constantinescu, Ambassador at large, Special representative for Energy Security of the Romanian Government; Mihai Albulescu, secretary of state within the Energy, SMEs and Business environment Ministry; Mihail Fâcă, secretary of state within the Ministry for Environment, Waters and Forests; Artur Stratan, Amromco Energy; John Knapp, Romanian Black Sea Titleholders Association (RBSTA), ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Romania Limited; Mihail Mitroi, Chief QHSE Officer Prospecțiuni; Varinia Radu, CMS-Cameron McKenna; Cristina Cremenescu, Romelectro; Corneliu Bodea, president CRE, Adrem Invest and Adrem Automation vicepresident, Ionuţ Farcaş, Schneider-Electric România; Remus Borza, Hidroelectrica; Ciprian Glodeanu, RPIA; Sebastian Enache, Monsson; Cătălina Dragomir, Chairman of the Board of the Romanian Wind Energy Association (RWEA) /Country Manager Vestas CEU România; Ionel David, RWEA; Ovidiu Demetrescu, HidroTarniţa; Melania Mirea, BCR Pensii; Carmen Neagu, Transelectrica; Toni Volpe, Enel România; Daniela Lulache, Nuclearelectrica; John M. Roberts, member in Energy Policy Group’s Advisory Board.

Energy Strategy Summit is a full day event to mix plenary sessions and round table format conversations. Discussions will cover a wide range of topics spanning from the role of Romania’s energy system in a turbulent regional context, to the future of the venerable local O&G industry, the foreseeable solutions to revive the endangered coal sector, the factors involved in future changes in the utilities sector, and the hasten maturation of the renewables.

Energy Strategy Summit is organized by energynomics.ro in partnership with reputed industry organizations such ACUE, COGEN, CRE, RPIA, RWEA, ROPEPCA and EPG, cu sprijinul Adrem Invest, ALD Automotive, ATE 3, Automobile Bavaria, BCR Pensii, Chivas, Enel, E.ON, Hidroelectrica, Hidrotarniţa, Lufthansa, Matei Conf, Nuclearelectrica, Petrotel Lukoil, Ridgid, Sarto, Schneider Electric, SGS România, Transelectrica, Vestas.

May 2015