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Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava Organisations in Suceava, Romania


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Suceava (CCI SV) is an autonomous organization, nongovernmental, of public utility, apolitical, without patrimonial purpose, nonprofit, with judicial personality, created in order to represent, defend and sustain the interests of its members and of the business community in relation with public authorities and of the business community in relation with the public authorities and organisms from the country and from abroad.

The district chambers established from the traders initiative acquired judicial personality at the date of the coming into force of the Govern Decision through which they have been recognized and are the continuers by rights of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry dissolved through the Order no. 47 of RPR from 25 February 1949.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Suceava is organized in many directions and services, created on the specificity of activities criteria and has the goal to satisfy the demands of the economic operatively and with professionalism. The CCI SV is the main promoter of the local economic development through the promotion of the local partnership. The affiliation to national and international similar bodies, the international contacts established, confers the quality of a great partner to the Chamber in implementation and development of local, regional, cross-border and international projects.

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08 Jun
Suceava Suceava, Romania
Proposal for business cooperation
28 Oct
Suceava Suceava, Romania
The export offer availible for Suceava's county companies