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British Romanian Investment Council Organisations in Bucuresti, Romania




Introduction to the British Romanian Investment Council (BRIC).


BRIC was formed to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for inward investments to Romania. Our membership of professional specialists can provide any investor with a comprehensive range of services in most lateral industries e.g. PPP, construction, engineering, project management, scientific, medical, tourism, technology, IT, infrastructure, retail, hospitality, energy, finance, business services, accounting, legal, audit, due diligence, financial services, recruitment and human resources management, marketing, business consultancy, banking etc.

Whilst we are an independent association with no formal ties to the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BRCC), United Kingdom Trade & Invest (UKTI) or the Romanian Government, we have enjoyed significant support during our formative period from each of them and encourage further collaboration on-going.

The objectives of BRIC are principally to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for British and other investors wishing to invest safely in Romania. We can also offer support for Romanian investors to the UK.

We will embark on this in the following initial ways;

  • Analysing and screening quality projects for the attention of investors;
  • Raising funds to provide a quality investment with returns and time matching;
  • Assisting the management of any investment with full due diligence, expertise and compliance with international laws on money laundering and bribery.
  • Provide training to the Romanian regions on the methodologies relating to the adoption of PPP projects.
  • On-going support for investments via BRIC including audit, special reports, nominee directorships, other services required by the investors.
  • Apply for EU funds to enhance investor returns.

Romania has returned to high growth and is now part of HIGH GROWTH EUROPE though it continues to suffer from a lack of investment trust. We believe that our framework will provide the trust needed for investors to apply funds and gain good returns in an EU regulated environment.

As a Romanian registered association we will act on-going as an EU ‘not for profit’ association whilst having the full support of the British, post BREXIT. This allows us continuing long term access to EU grants.

We intend to launch the “BEST INVEST ROMANIA” Conference in Spring2017. More details will follow.

Very best regards,

Dr. Stan. P. Dunlop


British Romanian Investment Council

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