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Filiasi Town Hall Local Authority in Romania,


Filiasi City Hall, City Council Filiasi Dolj Ro
Mayor - Nicolae Stancioi
Vice Mayor - Gheorghe Ilie

Filiasi City Hall is situated in the north-west county of Dolj and has in administration these villages:
- Almajel;
- Fratostita;
- Balta;
- Braniste;
- Uscaci;
- Racarii de sus

- Filiasi City Chapel
- Monastery - Gura Motru
- Sf Nicolae Church

Investors Amenities:
Rental spaces for the development of economic and commercial activities.

Filiasi it is an old trade fair, later became city and important railway and road.
In the city, archeological discoveries have related pottery belonging to the famous Bronze Age cultures Cotofeni.
An important family of landowners, Filisanu named, left his mark on the history of the city over a period of 400 years.
In 1906 Dimitrie Filisanu, who died at the last descendant of generation of landowners, founds a splendid edifice that will endure as the "Chapel Filisanului" .
Concerns boyars filisani not materialized only spiritually but also in social, proving their care about the poor, their foundations largely designed them. Of these, the most important is Filisanilor Hospital and two water fountains, one in Balta village and another in Filiasi, located "Hanul Mare".
In 1935 Nicolae Mitea teacher gives live to another dwelling in the history of the city - People's Library, now the City Library Anton Pan.
Another important achievement for the Filiasi City occurred around 1955, when the mayor of the time, Stefan Moraru, introduced the first electric street lighting on the streets and on all main thoroughfares, extending it all city in the coming years.

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Social, Economic and Education Issues

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Filiasi Town Hall's Projects

26 May
Filiasi Dolj, Romania
Currently , the historical monument is in desolation , with significant problems of the structural frame , of the roof , to the architecture (it requires restoration for the inscriptions and other ornaments and decorations) , of the existing furniture... more
26 May
Filiasi Dolj, Romania
Filiasi Hospital presents itself as a health unit where working well-trained medical staff , with a high degree of professionalism and it is the only hospital in town. It dates from 1865 and was founded on the initiative of boyar Dimitrie Filisanu of... more
05 May
Filiasi Dolj, Romania
By implementing the project , the applicant wishes to take action to protect and develop : - Draining the lakes and brought to dry - Bottom clogging lakesaquatic flora and fauna of the lakes on the territory Filiasi town , by the following works