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Goieşti City Hall Local Authority in Dolj, Romania



Geographical position:

Goiești commune is situated in the northern side of Craiova municipality, the administrative and polical center of Dolj county, on the right and on the left side of Amaradia River.

The commune is formed of the following localities: Goieşti - the administrative center of the commune, Fântâni, Gruiţa, Mălăeşti, Pioreşti, Adâncata, Ţandăra, Popeasa, Pometeşti, Muereni, Vladimir, Mogoşeşti and Zlătari.

The access to and from the commune is achieved through 6B National Road (Craiova-Târgu Cărbunești-Târgu Jiu).

The local council:

Mayor: Adam Atanasie
Deputy: Ştefan Constantin
Secretary: Balaci Teodorescu Elena
Accountant: Iliescu Marin


-The commune is entirely electrified;

-The communication is performed by means of telephones;

-The railway station is located 21 kilometers far from the commune center;

-The airport is located at only 21 kilometers far from the commune heart, in Craiova municipality.


Goiești commune meets, in its 1435 hoseholds, a number of 3200 inhabitants. A percentage of about 60% of these ones represents the workforce of the commune.

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