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Cargo terminal and complementary services

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5 000 000,00 €
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0,00 €
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0,00 €
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The fact that the areas nearby the airport and the areas within its proximate vicinity are vacant, unrestrained by the city real estate development, and the submitted functions are very complex, makes this area an important development pole of Craiova City metropolitan area.
In relation to these types of development the importance of the project is also given by the commodity of the air traffic for all the potential factors involved. Companies located in the neighborhood of the airport and companies from Craiova and Oltenia region (such as Ford Romania ) will benefit from the cargo’s ease to access as soon as the number of flights and the airport capacity to transport small and medium-sized aircrafts is increasing.
Taking into account all the aspects mentioned above, the aims of the project are:
- Building a cargo terminal and of a logistics center;
- Developing of complementary services on the surroundings of the Craiova International Airport.

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