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Rehabilitation of student hostels and sports facilities University Campus of Physical Education and Sport Faculty

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3 482 277,00 €
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The general objective of this project is:
- to increase the quality of education and increase adult participation in education by improving the education infrastructure in campus- education areas, library, cafeteria, sport fields
-to ensure access to quality education for the students from outside the city
- to stimulate the growth of the social , economic and cultural factor of Craiova`s urban centre, to increase the quality of social infrastructure in Oltenia region
Specific objectives:
-to ensure the quality of housing services, which are additional services to the educational ones
-attracting a large number of students, masters, foreign students offering them better, European housing conditions in accordance to ARACIS standards
- consolidation , rehabilitation of the existing buildings through investments in the constructive structures, provision of new furniture and utilities in the rooms, creating rooms with private bathroom and some of them even with a small kitchen.
-redevelopment of the sport field by creating a running track

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