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Rehabilitation , modernization and extension of study and housing places at ``Faculty of Mechanics Craiova

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General objectives

Increasing the economic, social and cultural factor of the urban center of Craiova

Increasing the quality of social infrastructure of Oltenia region

Increasing the competitiveness of Oltenia as a place of new business with an educational basis aiming at  increasing the quality of teaching

Creating new jobs

 Increasing the quality of education in order to promote the sustainable development and to create institutional mechanism.

Increasing the competitiveness of the institution both at national land international level

Specifi c objectives :

Ensuring the quality and the access to continuous formation

Ensuring a teaching process according to European standards and the increasing capacity of people participation in the universitary educational process

Attracting a large number of students , offering them better study conditions , qualified teachers .

Rehabilitation , modernization of the  existing  buildings and creation of other services connected to  the educational activities :

Creation of a sports field , a coffee shop, a bar , a housing place by restructuring the existing one and transforming the4beds rooms into 2 beds rooms.

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