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Utilities infrastructure on a plot of 8.27 hectares

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  Overall project value:
825 000,00 €
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0,00 €
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0,00 €
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Objective of the project:

Building of the utilities infrastructure on a plot of 8.27 hectares, which is to achieve greenfield investments.

 The specific objectives:

- Achieving the road infrastructure consisting of roads width of 7 m and pavement width of  1 m, on a length of  714 m

- Establishing a network of medium and low electrical voltage and IT network voice - data.

- Establishing a network of water pipes PID diameter of 160 mm diameter, on a length of 812 m.

- Establishintg a network of sewerage PVC pipe diameter of 200 mm, 26 home drains, on a length of 769 m.

- Establishing a network of HDPE drainage pipe of diameter 315 mm, 18  home drains and 40 spouts on a length of 721 m

- Establishing a network of PE natural gas pipeline with a diameter of 160 mm, on a length of 1080 m.

- Fencing on a length of  900 m.

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