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Construction of production and administrative facilities Craiova Industrial Park

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  Overall project value:
4 100 000,00 €
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0,00 €
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0,00 €
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The specific objectives:

This project proposes to complete constructions related to the 4 plots inside Craiova Industrial Park.

This is expected to achieve production hall with cloakrooms and offices. For each of the four plots is proposed a production hall at the ground floor and a social-administrative facility ground + first floor.

The social-administrative facility has an opening of  7.50 m and 9 bays of 6.00 m, a

built area of  433.50 sqm and an usable area of  867.00 sqm .

The building of the production hall, including the social - administrative facility is done with the following elements:concrete structure, masonry walls, inner wood carpentry and aluminum profiles for the corridors and an insulated and waterproof flat roof with interior leaking.

By partitions the following areas are obtained:

 • At the ground floor: main access and stairs, production hall, exhibition space and central heating, dining room for workers, cloakrooms, office and toilets

 •  Upstairs: stairwells, corridors, 5 offices, pantry - dining room, meeting room and toilets.

The production hall at the first floor has three openings of 18 m and 7 bays of 6.00 m and a built area of 2,425.00 sqm.

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