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120 000 000,00 €
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0,00 €
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0,00 €
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 The "Euro-Island" Project is a tourist structure whose aim is to develop the quality of economic and business environment of the area through tourism activities supported by a natural setting, with huge potential for exploitation.

The project is to be developed on a generous area that includes part of the shore in Drobeta Turnu Severin town (area approximately 52,665.00 square meters) and Simian Island, Mehedinti County Council property.


Located in the proximity of Drobeta Turnu Severin town, the area that we intend to interfere with is 52,665.00 square meters and is Mehedinti County Council property.

Intervention in the area will have as main objective the construction of pontoons for berthing the passenger ships on their way to Delta along the Danube, thus creating a great opportunity for tourism activities in our county profile.


The island has an area of ??480,993 sqm. The proposed investment will affect, in the first instance, over 50% of the island, which is 284000 sqm.

The location near Drobeta Turnu Severin town makes it the right destination for ambitious investment projects, which aims to exploit the potential that Danube River offers.


The investment in Simian Island consists of:


1. Pontoon access and tourists’ access zone    (270sqm)

2. Administrative area (1300 sqm, dedicated to administrative offices, police, firefighters, medical services)

3. Biodome (a closed space with controlled temperature and artifical humidity conditions that can reproduce climatic environment from various regions of the planet, allowing the acclimatization of different plant species.)

4. Shopping area (a commercial space with approximately 60 stores located within the old Ada Kaleh’s city structure)

5. Central Market (a circular open space - 5800 sqm.- will include gradene amphitheater, in winter being transformed in skating ring)

6. Trade Zone (3500 sqm- space dedicated to exhibitions)

7. Black Roses Garden

8. Building areas (delimitation of eight parcels of land, each dedicated to a country: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey).

9. Beach recreation areas (3800 sqm)

10. Camping area (3800 sq.m. )

11. Hotel area (including SPA center, conference spaces, restaurants, etc.)

12. Sport complex (??3200 sqm)

13. Marina (intended exclusively for access to the Danube and equipped with all necessary facilities)

14. Concerts areas (16,700 sqm and the related technique in order to organize events such as concerts, sports competition)

15. Sports (football and tennis fields for both tourists and residents)

16. Technical Area (Wastewater treatment plant, A transformer station, A generator for emergency situations, An area with photovoltaic panels)

17. International Children's Camps (a complex with administration area, housing units, eating area, playing area, park, classrooms, etc.)



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