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Construction and ambulatory equipping of Filiasi Town Hospital

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1 036 871,00 €
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1 036 871,00 €
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feasibility study
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Filiasi Hospital presents itself as a health unit where working well-trained medical staff , with a high degree of professionalism and it is the only hospital in town.
It dates from 1865 and was founded on the initiative of boyar Dimitrie Filisanu of his own income.
At present , the hospital , has specialty ambulatory which includes the following :
- internal medicine cabinet
-general surgery cabinet
-pediatrics cabinet
-obstetrics and gynecology cabinet
-recovery , physical medicine , balneology cabinet
-ophthalmology cabinet
-dermatovenerology cabinet
-psychiatry cabinet
-orthopedics cabinet
-neurology cabinet .

Hospital staff facing difficulties when the number of patients attending the hospital , is too big for its ability.
Are unpleasant situations where patients are forced to resort to a services and hospital care in a neighboring town.
All these are in detrimental of the hospital.

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