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Why VASLUI GOLF CLUB? This location offers sports lovers practicing at the same time three large sports interest that no other golf course in the world offers them, namely:

1. golfing;

2. the pursuit of fishing – the location features a gloss of water with a surface area of more than 500 hectares and a water volume of more than 15 million cubic metres, being populated with a rich fish fauna;

3. practice game/ hunting - the location has plenty of hunting funds populated with a variety of animals, some of them unique in the world, whose hunting is allowed only in Romania.

The area is situated in the north-eastern part of Romania. It is protected by a silence that is almost required by nature that dominate the place. The project aims to develop this area through the development of an investment which will consist in the execution, on an area of about 70 hectares, of an international golf club that will feature three main areas of interest:

1. the AREA-GOLF COURSE with 18 holes adjacent activities (club house, tooling, equipment, buildings, cars, travel, caretaker house);


3. The RELAXATION – MAINTENANCE – BEAUTY AREA -which will feature special Spa club with instructors trained (saunas, hammam, massage, jacuzzi, swimming pools, salt mines, fitness centers, gyms, aerobics, spinning indoor cycle-halls, etc.), Casino;

4. ACCESS AREA will feature a runway of private jets, heliport.

Besides these main functions concentrated in a kind of Center of gravity golf club can harness the locality, with villages, by transforming it together with its surroundings using the concept called Smart City. So you can renew all the buildings together with the local farms, keeping the local traditional architecture, offering tourists the opportunity to visit and observe local traditions of living area. Residents of the area can be encouraged and supported in multiple traditional craft activities for informing and culturalization of tourists.

Experience gained by us in the transformation of those localities, using the SmartCity concept, will be able to be used in the near future in many areas of Europe.

In Spain, for example, there are over 120 golf courses in Andalusia, which led to the development of the poorer regions of the country. It happens in Spain, Gulf industry generates 3 billion euros, with a positive impact on employment opportunities.  With these prerequisites, we aim to realize a project particularly interesting as Vaslui Golf Resort, which requires detailed and accurate planning, people and companies who are able to realize a dream; But first you need to have the visionary, artists are able to create a "world" from nothing.  Architects and designers, developers and designers of a unique place by beauty and functionality, which arises due to the harmonic integration of residential complexes and a golf course with the terrain, and the splendor of the Lake area.

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