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08 Jun
Suceava Suceava, Romania
Proposal for business cooperation
18 Apr
East Molesey Romania,
RomSpin Property is a consortium of Romanian and UK enterprises that is bringing a new approach to the decontamination and redevelopment of used industrial land in Romania. 
10 Nov
Vaslui Vaslui, Romania
Why VASLUI GOLF CLUB? This location offers sports lovers practicing at the same time three large sports interest that no other golf course in the world offers them, namely:1. golfing;
10 Nov
Vaslui Vaslui, Romania
Within the perimeter of the hydrogeological Vaslui there are wells with depths of 3-5 m with water mineralized typified as sulfate water, chlorate water, iodinebromide water, magnezium-sodium water, which have therapeutic indications for disorders of the... more
28 Oct
Suceava Suceava, Romania
The export offer availible for Suceava's county companies
09 Jun
Bucharest Romania,
Hi! I am working for my feature film about the Pitesti Experiment and the 're-education Phenomenon'  in Romania, back in 1040s .
26 May
Filiasi Dolj, Romania
Currently , the historical monument is in desolation , with significant problems of the structural frame , of the roof , to the architecture (it requires restoration for the inscriptions and other ornaments and decorations) , of the existing furniture... more