Exhibiting in Romania

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Hampshire Chamber with BRIDGE have arranged with the City of Craiova a facility for UK businesses to exhibit products, services or even to open additional offices in a new purpose built exhibition complex in Craiova.

Any company that wants to explore potential sales or partnerships can take a space or office at a very low cost giving access to direct interaction with potential customers.

How does it work?

You bring your physical product or promotional stand/materials for your services and select and arrange the appropriate space and display. You will stay two or three days and train a student from the University of Craiova, with which we have a partnership. He/she will not only continue to manage exhibiting and explaining your products/services, but will also try to attract and interact with potential customers and send you periodical reports and continually interface between you and your customers throughout the period you are exhibiting, such that you never lose control. There will be no time or space limit for you to keep this going and maximise your sales.

The costs are minimal, between 200 and 500 GBP per month, dependent on the nature and complexity of your products/services and the amount of space you require, including the activity of your chosen student. The only additional costs are those with transporting your products from Britain to Romania and return. There are weekly direct flights from Luton to Craiova (3 hours length of flight) plenty of designated hotels with which we have negotiated a very good rate and our local Craiova office will arrange transfers and any necessary assistance.  

Why  Craiova?

Your potential market consists of over 100 local authorities and 14, 000 companies active in all aspects of industry, aerospace, defence, heavy industry, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, electricity, gas, steam air conditioning, water, construction, wholesale and retail, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, transport and storage, 561 Hotels and restaurants, information and communication, professional, scientific and technical activities, support
Advantages of doing business in Romania

Romania has access to billions of Euro to be invested in the regions from the EU funds
Availability of public authorities to develop public-private partnerships and to support the business environment
The existence of  free production capacities which can be revamped 
The existence of qualified personnel, adaptable to new technologies 
The diversity of the industrial branches
The existence of a diversified sector of small and medium enterprises willing to engage in partnerships
Large multinational companies such as Ford or Honeywell which will bring along other investments and the setting up of a supply chain factories
An investment market as yet unsaturated
Business support infrastructure available

Highly skilled workers at competitive rates

Who to contact?


To find out more please contact either Maureen Frost at Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, 01329 242420 email maureen.frost@hampshirechamber.co.uk or Calin Huma at BRIDGE email calin@bridge2romania.com

Other Services


If you are interested in finding out more about opening an office or production facility in Romania we can help with initial information, arranging visits, undertaking market research etc.  Facilities in Romania are heavily subsidised meaning that we can put together a very attractive package for those looking to expand their business overseas



BRIDGE is a trading platform opening up opportunties for trading with Romanian businesses, information on proposed Local Authority projects and access to potential bidding partners.  Registration on BRIDGE is free to Hampshire Chamber members - do go in and check and update your record and preferences at www.bridge2romania.com

March 2015