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Bucuresti Bucuresti, Romania
                     Introduction to the British Romanian Investment Council (BRIC). BRIC was formed to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for inward investments to Romania. Our membership of professional specialists can provide any investor with a comprehensive... More
Vaslui Vaslui, Romania
Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Vaslui is a nongovernmental, nonprofit, autonomous organization, which supports local business community interests and especially those of its members in dialogue with governments and international bodies.... More
Suceava Suceava, Romania
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Suceava (CCI SV) is an autonomous organization, nongovernmental, of public utility, apolitical, without patrimonial purpose, nonprofit, with judicial personality, created in order to represent, defend and sustain... More
Botosesti-Paia Dolj, Romania
Localitatea Botosesti-Paia se afla situata in partea de NV a judetului Dolj, la granita cu judetul Mehedinti, la o distanta de 50 km de orasul Craiova. Este formata dintr-un sat, cu o populatie de 970 de locuitori, o scoala cu clasele I-VIII si o... More
GENERAL INFORMATIONGeographical position: Goiești commune is situated in the northern side of Craiova municipality, the administrative and polical center of Dolj county, on the right and on the left side of Amaradia River.The commune is formed of the... More