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Raducons Impex srl Private company in Dolj, Romania


Raducons Impex srl was set up in 1992 in Craiova, with fully private capital and it is the most important producer of air-conditioning brackets of Romania. Our brackets are now being sold in 12 countries .

The product's advantages:

 - reduces the time of the montage
 - small dimensions, the brackets are folding, advantaging the transport
 - the brackets can support big weights 
 - you can order one quantity of 1 pallet (250-350 sets)
 - our products are licensed and are made pursuant to ISO 9001

Metal processing services

Our company performs various works upon order, according to the customer's drawing, in the following fields:
- machinery manufacture,
- metal structures,
- vehicle parts (mechanically machined marks)
- painting with powders in electrostatic field

ISO 9001


Parallel lathe
Milling cutter
Flat grinding machine
Automatic lathe
Crank shaft press
Hydraulic press
Thread rolling machine
Argon welder
Electric welding transformer
Autogenous welder
Polishing machines
Drilling machines
Gate shear
Electrostatic field powder painting equipment
Band cross-cut saw

Technological operations:
Chip removing processing
- facing
- milling
- hole drilling
- grinding
- surfacing
- smoothing
- saw cross-cutting

Plastic cold working
- stamping
- drawing
- bending
- thread rolling

Gate shear cutting

- electrical
- argon
- autogenous

Locksmithery (adjustment and mounting of machinery and installations, devices, dies, moulds etc.)
Plastics injection and vulcanization
- with powders in electrostatic field
- manually by brush

Material used:

Various profiles:
- general carbon steels
- high-quality carbon steels
- alloy steels
- steels for springs
- stainless steels
- aluminum and aluminum alloys
- copper and copper alloys (bronze, brass)
Primers and paints (liquid and fluid)
Grease remover
Phosphating agents

Work Areas

Industrial Manufacture

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