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IndustrialProdcom Private company in Dolj, Romania



High quality, serial and unique, parts manufacturing.

INDUSTRIAL PRODCOM is a company which since its establishment in 2003 is constantly achieving a stable position in the Romanian industry for manufacturing parts and accessories for motor vehicles. Over the years, our partnership with corporations from Germany, England, America, Poland, Hungary has provided practical examples of how successful industry-sector collaborations can lead to productivity gains and benefits for business. Working together, sharing a common goal, we developed a global approach which sustains our continued growth.  

Our vision is to increase the number of our partners. We want to become an innovative industry member, while retaining creativity and integrity that made us who we are today.

Our main mission is to add value for our customers by supporting them to achieve their desired level of quality and safety for their products. To ensure transparency we have 'ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification' which attests the international standard of our parts. The Company offers special attention to each partner. We efficiently communicate with them in order to create an environment where the customer's needs always define our priorities.

Through dedication, diversity, quality, integrity and collaboration, INDUSTRIAL PRODCOM attempts to find the best solutions in the manufacturing of parts for motor vehicles. These values guide the way we work with our partners.


'We're more than a stable company, we're your reliable partner'.

Work Areas

Engineering, Industrial Manufacture, Metals and metal products

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