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EMO GROUP Private company in Vaslui, Romania


EMO GROUP Vaslui  is a group of 3 companies active in the fields of consulting and design for construction of houses, social, cultural, administrative buildings, industrial buildings, goals of justice, health, education, agriculture, tourism, recreation, roads and bridges, water supply, public utility networks, urban planning documentation, studies.

Services are addressed to applicants and beneficiaries private and public investment in equal measure for grant of structural funds.

Technical and design departments of Emo Group have specialists who can accomplish in a short time a project or parts thereof.  Architects, engineers, doctors, engineers and economists running models in design and execution plan and detail drawing using the latest IT programs, calculate and design structures, verify and optimize the final structure provides sketches and views for general structures and calculated and also notes calculation.

Projects are carried out in a continuous interaction with our experts and technical assistance in order to ensure successful completion of the plans. To ensure the quality of our services include verification by experts, auditors certified MLPTL.

Technical and finished the latest equipments and highlights creativity and experience, characteristics that made successful customer desires and plans.

The advisory offices we provide our knowledge and experience to create profitable business and technology solutions, consistent and personalized customer profile following. Evaluating processes, current infrastructure, business and system companies concerned will jointly identify and then recommend both elements and technologies and new business proposals and solutions that will improve the company's activity.

Our mission is to solve customer needs, whether that means diagnose problems, recommend a solution or implementing a new system work.

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10 Nov
Vaslui Vaslui, Romania
Why VASLUI GOLF CLUB? This location offers sports lovers practicing at the same time three large sports interest that no other golf course in the world offers them, namely:1. golfing;
10 Nov
Vaslui Vaslui, Romania
Within the perimeter of the hydrogeological Vaslui there are wells with depths of 3-5 m with water mineralized typified as sulfate water, chlorate water, iodinebromide water, magnezium-sodium water, which have therapeutic indications for disorders of the... more