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II LACULICEANU ADRIAN Private company in Prahova, Romania


Passionate about science and technology.

It has interests in human driven vehicles, shareholders variables, reducing fuel consumption, water movement and aviation.

In recent years achieved five patents in automotive (Motor mechanism characteristic linear; Variable displacement motor mechanism (2); 2-stroke engine valves; Double cycle combustion engine and a patent application - Adaptive thermal engine (VCR & VCC engine, motor mechanism 9 versions)
Now studying projects: Isochoric combustion engine cycle prolonged - piston'' stationary'' more than 90 degrees around TDC and Isobaric combustion engine cycle prolonged - piston'' stationary'' more than 90 degrees around BDC.

Based on the mechanisms invented motor, is now working on co-generation projects - CHP boilers, low power; Individual heating and the Hot air engine projects with high efficiency.

In the HPV patented Adjustment mechanism driving rapid transmission ratio (MIN-MAX) to increase the efficiency of pedaling; a Bicycle with adjustable size (OMNIBIKE) and multiple HPV omni functional (soil, ice, snow), with projects 2x2 bike and others.

In the HPW has patented several devices powered boating and swimming devices, with designs for front or back paddling and more.

He won several national and international awards in the field of inventions and design.

Engine with VCR&VCC (Adaptive thermal engine)
An adaptive thermal engine displacement to achieve variation and / or compression ratio for optimum combustion conditions and providing power to the load adaptation engine, with direct implications on growth and reduced power consumption. Existing solutions, tested in laboratory conditions, ensures an increase in power by about 30% and significantly reduce consumption given that, internationally, it could only be achieved compression ratio variation with impressive technical fireworks.
A Romanian solution (patent + a new patent application) provides both a variation of displacement and compression ratio. 
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Global solutions:

H.P.V. TIP ACRO-BIKE, SKATE-BIKE, WHEEL, BIKE, CROSS-TRAINER, CHAIR-BIKE, Recumbent-Bike - human driven vehicles with 2-3 wheelers and pedal drive classic or long, or mixed - with pedals and levers, and / or electric, in several variants; (projects, virtual prototyping)
• Project OMNIBIKE (bicycles with adjustable sizes in 2 classes (K - children, youth, Y - youth - adults, 4 variants and 16 sizes) won in 2004 The MERIT PRIZE at -th Intl, Bicycle Design Competition - organized by the Taiwan Bicycle Industry R & D Center (TBIRDC) and "TRANSFORMER" - version OMNIBIKE, won 33 in 2010 at Seoul Cycle Design Competition, organized by Design Boom, (projects, virtual prototyping)
• H.P.V. all-terrain (soil, water, ice, snow) - human drive vehicle, in such ski-bob, 2-4 contact elements (wheels, floats, underwater wings, skates, skis,) and drive pedal mixed - with pedals and levers and / or electric, in several variants; (projects, virtual prototyping)
• Segway driven and manual control - use quick change of direction mechanisms (projects)

H.P.W. - with propeller operated by human force or power, in several variants (provides aquatic movement without knowing any style of swimming) (projects, virtual prototyping)
• Nautical propulsion device - flexible or rigid elements propeller that propel a boat classic, or one - type "plate-stand-up paddling", by simultaneous or alternative action, with levers, cables and / or pedals, in several variants. (Projects, virtual prototyping)
• Nautical drives 'front-back row' - drives small class boats, with paddles, by human power
• Boat of "plate-stand-up paddling", with single or double post and drive simultaneous or alternative, with levers, cables and / or pedals, by two or more propeller water type "Flipper", mounted to central or back. (Projects, virtual prototyping)

• C.H.P - Small thermal power plants, cogeneration (projects)
• Personal heaters - Outdoor air heat pumps, air or water, miniature, which can be used for individual heating systems, portable. (projects)
• Hot air engine - Stirling engine with one cylinder and open or closed circuit, in several variants. (projects)

Work Areas

Automotive, Engineering, Other Industrial Technologies, Renewable Energy, Taxis, Cycling and Walking, Transport on Land, Transport on Water

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