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Spinnaker Management Resources Ltd Private company in Surrey, England


“Going Beyond the Idea” – Turning Great Ideas into successful Business Reality


 Spinnaker Management Resources Ltd (“Spinnaker”) provides leadership, thinking and doing power for organisations undergoing growth and/or restructuring. We focus on creating impact, building momentum and on delivering valuable outcomes.

 We understand that when organisations are growing or restructuring, they are to some extent venturing into the unknown. We also understand that growth and restructuring projects require a broad leadership skill set to be able to integrate, technical, commercial, financial, legal, stakeholder, resourcing and other work-streams.

 We often talk to clients about “THE FIVE P’s”, of Purpose, Process, People, Partnerships and Performance Measurement, and it is no accident that People are at the centre of this. Spinnaker helps organisations to think through the additional skills needs for growth and restructuring and then provides leadership and doing power by working alongside stakeholders and management teams.


 We believe in building on our strengths. Whilst our approach could be applied to many business sectors, and whilst we think breadth of experience is an important virtue, we like to focus on situations and sectors where we can hit the ground running. We typically work in energy (from upstream through midstream to downstream) and process industries.

 The situations that we look out for especially are;

 + A significant growth project that needs to be pulled together and given momentum. A project that requires multi-functional leadership and management and probably has an international dimension

  • + A new company being created by private equity or others that needs a new management team
  • + A joint venture or spin-out being considered or set up that requires leadership and management with a degree of independence from the parent organisation(s)
  • + A project, division or a small company that is  not performing and needs a fresh approach to turn it around or to work through alternatives
  • + A small-cap public company (maybe an investment shell) under overseas ownership that requires regulatory experience and representation in UK market

The engagement structure can be tailored to client and project needs and can take the form of:

  • Interim Leadership/Management
  • Advice/Consultancy
  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Introduction to Investors and/or Partners
  • Non-Executive Direction

Spinnaker team members with corporate finance and/or financial management experience can apply their knowledge under appropriate interim management or non-executive direction engagements but Spinnaker itself is not regulated and therefore does not provide financial advice.


Spinnaker offers support to companies undertaking growth and/or restructuring across the full business development cycle. Spinnaker aims to provide the “SPARK” that unlocks the potential of ideas and applies resources to enable them to become successful business realities.

S – Strategy                Develop and articulate the overall growth or restructuring strategy. Devise and apply screening criteria to select candidate projects

P – Planning                Compile and gain sanction for an integrated business plan of the selected project(s) including securing appropriate financial, people and other resources

A – Action                   Provide leadership and critical management skills to execute selected projects, to get them started and then to achieve their objectives

R – Results                  Monitor outcomes achieved against the business plan to refine it and to make the necessary adjustments to remain on target

K – Knowledge           Conduct in-depth reviews to ensure that knowledge and learning is captured to be used to inform strategy and build capability

Spinnaker thinks of business development as a cycle because the Knowledge gained from execution feeds back into Strategy for the next time around.

We like nothing better than rolling our sleeves up and getting on with the job and in some situations such as a new start-up, this is exactly what is needed. More often than not, we work alongside client staff in an interim or advisory capacity, providing overall leadership, filling in the gaps and ensuring that knowledge is transferred.

We like to make sure we are fully aligned with clients so we are happy to discuss tying part of our fees to success or to participating in the equity of a growth business.


Andy Morrison is the founder of Spinnaker and the Director of the Energy and Industrial Division.

Andy is an established Director and Chief Executive of growth businesses with successful experience in both major multi-national corporations and smaller public companies. He has a background in strategic business development combined with technical literacy and an entrepreneurial mind-set and a record of commercial delivery across energy and process industries.

Andy gained his technical literacy and systems thinking approach through studying Chemical Engineering and Fuel Technology at the University of Sheffield in the UK. He graduated in 1982 with 1st Class Honours. He then joined Shell in their oil trading and shipping division, working in the Middle East before broadening to marketing and developing an expertise in new market entry projects in South America and China. Andy moved to BG Group in 1999 to pursue his interest in strategic business development, gaining exposure to the natural gas business and working as a new venture director and head of corporate strategy. He later worked with various corporate clients as an adviser and practitioner, most notably as Global Director of New Business Development for BOC Group, prior to its sale in 2007. Since 2007, Andy has led a number of small-cap energy companies, most recently as CEO of Zeta Petroleum Plc, a UK company with gas production in Romania.

Spinnaker benefits from the extensive network of its directors to be able to access like-minded associates and partners who have a track record of delivery of business development projects. As the business expands, some of these individuals will become part of the regular Spinnaker team.


Spinnaker learned about the Romanian energy scene through Andy’s role as Chief Executive of Zeta Petroleum Plc during the period 2014-15. Zeta is a UK public company that has invested in Romania for almost a decade, is recognised as an oil and gas operator and is one of the founder members of ROPEPCA, the national association of upstream oil and gas companies. During his period with Zeta, much was achieved and some significant growth projects were pursued, bringing the company into contact with senior figures in the Romanian industry.

Zeta’s ambitious growth plans were frustrated by the lower oil prices and loss of wider investor confidence, but in the spirit of building on strengths, Spinnaker is keen to develop its business in Romania. The country has a long heritage in the energy business and it is clear from the successful exploration for gas in the Black Sea that the energy business can and should continue to contribute significantly to the economy.

There are big strategic challenges and opportunities for Romania such as the interconnection of gas transmission grids with neighbouring countries, the development of gas utilisation such as natural gas vehicles and the clean and effective utilisation of its strategic coal resources. At the other end of the spectrum there are end-of-life challenges in on-shore oilfields and hydroelectric infrastructure that could release land property for new and productive uses.

Spinnaker aims to create a cadre of exceptional leaders and managers comprising Romanian and international expertise who are capable of taking forward big strategic projects as well as providing thinking and doing power for the more bite-sized tasks that organisations face from day to day.

Work Areas

Building and Construction, Business services, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Energy Topics, Industrial Manufacture, Medicine/healthcare/veterinary, Rail, Utilities infrastructure

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