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140 MW wind park

  Prospect owner:
  Overall project value:
120 000,00 €
  Requested investment:
120 000,00 €
  Current stage:
currently sourcing funding
  Potential return / Revenue:
0,00 €
  Project Description:

The Project consists of building and operating 140 MW wind farm (56 WTGs x 2.5 MW), located in Br?ila county, in Campia Br?ilei, 65 km south-west of Br?ila city, more specific in geographic area of F?urei city and geographic areal of Vi?ani and Surdila-Greci communes, with the following characteristics:

Capacity : 140 MW

Mean Wind Speed (60 m) : 5,3 m/s

Mean Wind Speed (120 m) : 6,40 m/s

Main Wind Direction : NS

Capacity Factor : GCN2500P : 23.3 %

Capacity Factor : Nordex N100/2500 : 23.5 %

Annual production (E) - GCN2500P : 285.878 MWh

Annual production (E) - Nordex N100/2500 : 288.539 MW

Full Load Equivalent - GCN2500P: 2250 h/year

Full Load Equivalent: - Nordex N100/2500: 2300 h/year

Project life : 20 years

  What we offer:

The potential investor will submit a letter of intent and sign a NDA then be available to provide feasibility study and all documents that require.

  What we are looking for:

All approvals from the authorities except building permit which is given 6 months before starting works.

The selling price of the project is 120 000 Euros/MW, negotiable.

  Project Location:
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