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  Prospect owner:
  Overall project value:
2 000 000,00 €
  Requested investment:
2 000 000,00 €
  Current stage:
currently sourcing funding
  Potential return / Revenue:
  Project Description:

SC PROFESIONAL AUTO SERVICE SA ( Ploiesti, Romania, is a private company, with more than 20 years experience in the area of maintaining, selling and repairing vehicles. The company was established in year 1991 and represents one of the oldest repair-shops in town. We involve in our processes 35 specialized staff which is equipped with specific and adequate tools for every technological process.

-Want to associate with a foreign company for develop business in Romania in automotive or other.

  What we offer:

 It is located 60 km from Bucharest and 40 km from airport.

The company is located in the western part of Ploiesti city  near the largest industrial park  with  access to public transport and to the main roads.

The company has commercial relationships with customers and knows well the district economy.

It has space and equipment needed for car repair and inspection line of vehicles.

There are storage spaces (1500 sqm) that allow expanding the repairs or doing some other activity.

Development or reprofiling of the activities can be done in short time considering that the company has the  functional buildings and utilities.

There are qualified personnel for auto repair and machinery.

  What we are looking for:

Looking for a partner from Western market for develop the activities in a joint venture or finances the bussiness.

The company can keep the main activity, but we  can extend to other areas of interest of the partner.

We are open to any form of cooperation that will be mutually agreed.

We have another location land of 1.2 hectares near the Ploiesti ring, disponible for develop the business.

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